Thursday, March 24, 2011

3 Shoot It Wright winners to be announced on...

I checked Invite Mr Wright website the whole day today, waiting for the announcement of winners. But until now they haven't announced it yet. When I checked the website again when I got home, I noticed this:

It was 24 March earlier..
It changed from 24 March to 29 March. So, it will be moved again. The suspense... and disappointment. I also checked Ian's official Facebook fan page, and here's a post:

So we have to wait until 29th, or until they finally announce the winners. :-P


Ferdinand A. said...

Yeah nahihirapan silang magdecide kung 1st or second prize ang ibibigay sakin. Let's give them more time :-)

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha.. baka ikaw ang second placer at ako ang 1st, o kaya ako ang 1st at ikaw ang second... hehehe

ELmerger said...

Sorry guys, but I'm the one who will claim the prizes! haha :P

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