Monday, February 14, 2011

0 Starting a Weekend Adventure

Unfortunately, I didn't win a pair of tickets for the movie premier of I Am Number Four. Nuffnang hosted a contest and have given out 80 pair of movie tickets. I was not one of them. Too bad we will not having a movie later in the evening. Now I'm just hoping that my unlucky charm works the other way around on Toto. I'll just go home after work and wait for the draw while ironing my clothes and watching How I Met Your Mother.

And on other news(or not-so-new), I have been spending my weekends just at home. You can tell because of the lack of posts related to the happenings around Singapore. My last trip to the outside world was, if I'm not mistaken, January 15. I just stayed at home for the past several weekends, even on the holidays of CNY. These past weekends I just spent online and playing games, which is very unhealthy.

So starting this weekend, I will try to visit the beautiful and hidden gems around Singapore. I will also try to blog about it, including pictures and information on how to get there and everything. Maybe I'll make my Saturday the travel/enjoyment/food trip day and Sunday as a rest day. This way I'll be able to visit more places, sample various cuisines and enjoy my stay here in Singapore. This is way better than just sitting or sleeping at home on weekends.

I'm still thinking of the first destination where I will go this Saturday. If you have any recommendations, please feel free to contribute. Thank you!

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