Sunday, February 13, 2011

2 Valentine's Eve

Just finished my very first movie! I'm going to surprise my wife with this one. I told her that I'm going to sleep early, but the truth is I'm trying to finish my surprise for her. It was so hard to do because it's my first time. I still don't know what functions and features that I can use to make it beautiful.

So I just thought I'd choose the simple transitions and effects and hopefully she'll like it. Fingers crossed.

Have a wonderful and safe Valentine's Day everyone!


mhace said...

Thank you so much mahal :)thats an awesome movie clip, I am
It should have been our first valentine together but thats fine I know we will have more valenttines day to celebrate.
I love you so much! You never fail to make me smile mahal :-*

ELmerger said...

:-D I hope you enjoy watching the clip.. hehe..

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