Tuesday, February 15, 2011

0 The Weekend Adventure is almost here!

Another misfortune. I didn't win last night's draw. When I arrived at home, there was no double episode of How I Met Your Mother. There was only Grammy awards, which I didn't watch. Earlier, I went to Swensen's to buy something for my sis as a Valentine's Day gift and as usual the queue is very long. It took me 25 minutes to wait before they gave me may take-away order.

And the good news are: First, the banana crumble(this was supposed to be for my sis but she shared it, hehehe) was so good I almost forgot my name. Only one thing is missing from that dessert, the hot pan in which the crumble is served on. They don't give hot pans on take-away orders. (Sadly.) Second, I now have the very first destination for my Weekend Adventure. We're going to Universal Studios Singapore on Saturday. I'm sure this is going to be fun and at the same time energy-quenching. Watch out for my first Weekend Adventure post on Sunday.

We're still open for suggestions for the next Weekend Adventure. Feel free to share. Thanks!

See ya later!

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