Tuesday, January 25, 2011

0 A Race to 165 and a Healthy Body

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Actually... it's not a race. Since I'm the only participant, I have no one to race with. Let's call it a journey. It's more like a journey and I like the sound of it. Sounds so epic and adventurous. Okay.. back to the topic. A journey to a healthy and lean body. A personal journey where I'm going to lose 15lbs by eating the right food and the right amount. This will also include getting myself to perspire heavily by doing activities like exercise and sports several times a week.

If I'm not mistaken -- or if I haven't gained weight again -- I'm tipping the scales at exactly 180lbs. Last March 2010, I'm just 142lbs. This is what I logged to the Men's Health website where I would be monitoring my weight. My starting weight is 142 and my target is 135. But now I'm 180lbs. Surprise! So much weight gained in just several months. My waistline also got bigger and my pants are now tight. I will not put my measurement here so as to prevent myself from embarrassment. So starting this week I'm turning on my weight loss mode. But my goal is not only shedding those excess fats and losing weight. My primary target is to build and maintain a healthy body. I will be posting the developments here so I can document my expedition and also share you the results.

I will give it a month to lose 15lbs. I will only eat a full meal during lunch. For breakfast and dinner, only oatmeal and raisins. I will be walking/jogging/swimming/any-activity-which-will-result-in-heavy-perspiration. This will also include drinking lots of fluids each day including water, fruit juices and milk. Minimizing intake of chocolates or other sweets is also part of my goal to prevent high level of sugar in the blood.

Why am I doing this? Well, for one, it's good for my body and mind. This will give me something that I've been wanting to have: a lean and flab-free body. Two, it will extend my time in this earth. Three, it will also give a way for me to build a healthy habit of eating right and getting exercise and surely this will be beneficial for me in the long run.

Why don't you join me in my journey of losing weight and gaining a healthy body? It will be beneficial for you, too. Post here your current and target weight and we'll revisit it by the next month to see how many pounds we've lost. Goodluck!

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