Friday, January 7, 2011

0 Day 7: A week later...

It's already a week after New Year. I almost never knew this Post-a-day challenge of WordPress if I didn't open my other Gmail account. Good thing I checked it out.

As I was reading through the Daily Post website, I saw disagreeing comments from numerous bloggers. This will prove to be troublesome, as I read those comments saying that this effort will just flood the blogosphere with crap posts. That the people behind this challenge never thought of the setbacks before letting this one out. That quality over quantity is better than the other way around.

I respectfully disagree. These topics from The Daily Post will help us old and new bloggers think of fresh topics or ideas to post everyday. The ideas they give us may not be related to our niche, but something is always a good start. A seed of thought planted by the WordPress team to be nurtured or cared by us to become quality posts. Posting every day of the year will not only help us build up content, and not just crappy ones, but quality posts with the practice we get while posting. You hit two goals in one shot. Quantity over quality has a positive effect on us bloggers/writers over time. And not only you will develop a habit of posting a topic everyday, it may even give you the possibility to post more than one topic a day since you have developed the skills and made it easier for you to write many quality posts.

As for myself, I need this challenge to build up the quality of my posts as well as my confidence in writing. I'm just new to blogging, but I always dream of writing since way before. I also just landed a freelance writing job, so I need all the practice I can get to develop my writing skills further.

You have to give it a try. Step up and face the challenge head on. It's time for a bit of change in you. Develop a good habit. Take up the Daily Post challenge.

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