Saturday, January 8, 2011

1 Day 8: Snickers Ice Cream..hmmm

You love chocolates. You also love ice cream. Then you're going to love this: chocolate bar and ice cream in one. Say hello to Snickers Ice Cream bar.

Snickers ice cream bar, when you open it, you'll find the inside is filled with soft ice cream, caramel and loads of peanuts. The chocolate coating is crunchy and melts in your mouth once you bite on it. Once you've tasted this, it's ice cream heaven on chocolate earth.

I always thought Snickers would only be a chocolate bar. Since I was little, Snickers chocolate bar was my favorite. Every time my older brother come home with chocolates, I always ask for Snickers. This is the first time I saw this creamy goodness, only when I came here in Singapore. My housemates brought this box of Snickers ice cream when they went to buy groceries from Fair Price.

So I bought another Snickers ice cream box of six when my wife came to Singapore for a visit. Her reaction was the same: it is so delicious that you'll forget your name.

You have to try this. A box contains 6 bars of creamy goodness, which will cost you S$7.85. Just be ready with your toothbrush, as this will make your teeth fall off if you know what I mean.

Did you got the chance to bite on one? And did you forgot your name too? Share with us your experience.

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Putri Qistina said...

Hi. May I know which Fair Price you bought them from? Thanks :)

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