Sunday, December 26, 2010

0 Things You'll Miss(Probably)

When you're working abroad, there comes a time, or most of the time, when you miss home badly that you want to book the next flight out of the country to your home country. Reasons may be different. Some miss their families, loved ones, their pet, their house or something they left behind.

But have you ever seen something like a list of things that someone would probably miss? Read on.

Here's a list of things I probably miss (well honestly, sometimes) when I think about home. You can't find them here in Singapore, that's why you'll also probably miss them...

1. Traffic jams. No questions about it. Traffic here is not defined as a build-up of vehicles in the road. In the Philippines, that's the meaning of traffic.
2. Traffic Enforcers. LTO,MMDA,LTFRB,chocolate boys,blue boys and all the boys out there who cause the heavy traffic. Great job guys! For enforcing the traffic jams.
3. EDSA. The billboard capital of the Philippines. And because of heavy traffic. Every day. Of every year.
4. Jeepneys (and their barkers). And the way these vehicles pollute the environment by smoke-belching. Same goes to the drivers who smoke while on the road.
5. Registered and colorum buses(and their reckless drivers). Another cause of heavy traffic. And accidents. Most f the bus drivers are pilots-wannabe, trying to fly a wingless piece of metal. Only here you can find "flying buses" and one way trip to heaven.
6. 400-year long processing in government offices. You know what I mean.
7. Not-so-good news every night. You can't even choose from any local channel(Kapuso o Kapamilya)
8. Inaccurate weather forecasts. Aptly named PAGASA (hope in English), but I think there is no hope for these guys.

Do you have anyone or anything that you miss back home? Don't be shy, post it in the comments section.

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