Tuesday, December 28, 2010

1 When in Singapore..(The things I truly miss)

Last time, I posted something about the things I probably miss back home when I'm here in Singapore. These things are not worthy to be missed, but sometimes when you think about home and compare to Singapore, you'll definitely remember them. But now, I've made something for a more serious article, here's a list of the thinks I miss badly when I'm homesick.

First of all, I miss my family, relatives, friends. Definitely, I miss my girlfriend and soon-to-be wife. These people are the reason why I'm here, working all day to save up and send them part of my earnings. They are the reason why I live, why I laugh, why I miss them. ...I was going to write another paragraph for this, but someone shouted: "Enough of the drama already!".

Second, I miss the food. You can't buy adobo or tapsilog in any hawker in Singapore. If you know, please tell me where. They also don't have Jolibee here. Chickenjoy and spaghetti from Jobee = Yummy! I hope Jolibee delivery goes all the way here. Although, most of the dishes here are delicious(I'm not counting the spicy food I've tried, because they're just spicy.), you can't deny that we find comfort while eating Filipino food. Good thing they have Mang Kiko's lechon and Tapa King branches here. But what about all those food that we eat during fiestas, Christmas, and other 100 celebrations we made up just to have an excuse make a feast. *drool*

The third thing I miss back home is music. I miss OPM music. Original Pinoy Music. As Father Kamil once said: "Filipinos love music. Early in the morning you can find someone holding the guitar and doing his rendition of My Way. The crazy thing is that he is a jobless man yet he sings happily." By the way, Father Kamil is an Indonesian priest who was once assigned in Mindanao and one of the officiating priests here during the Simbang Gabi. The only way I could get my load of OPM is by listening to online streaming of FM radios from home. And sometimes, I play the guitar or piano which my housemates brought. I can unleash my "musical talent" and reduce my cravings about music at the same time.

This is just a little thing, but one I noticed from the time I got here.
They never smile. From the immigration official up to the taxi driver, I never saw them smile during the first time I entered Singapore. That's one thing you can identify Filipinos with. We smile when we're happy, we smile even when we're sad. Even during trials and problems. We don't forget to smile because we are Filipinos. That's one thing I miss here.

Lastly, the courteousness of people, and in some extent, the service. This may be because we have our own tradition of saying "po" and "opo", and they don't have the equivalent in English. Example, if you're eating in a food court or hawker, and you're done eating but still resting for a minute, they will get your plate even if you're still sitting there. Sure, they will ask you if you're done eating. Heck, if you're eating alone and went to get something to drink and leave your plate unattended, it will be gone by the time you come back. Even if you're not done eating yet. Same goes with the fast food chains. One instance in McDonald's, we're still eating yet the cleaning crew starts to clean up the table. That's a shocker for someone who's used to good service and courteous people.

Well, that's it. These are some of the things in my mind when homesickness strikes.

How about you? Seriously, who or what do you miss about home?

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