Saturday, December 25, 2010

0 Merry Christmas Everyone! And a Warning..

I wish you all to have a safe and wonderful Christmas. We celebrated our Noche Buena with my sister last night with cassava cake, ube halaya (purple yam) and leche flan on the while watching TV. Two of our housemates already went back to Philippines, while the other one is nowhere to be found(celebrating the Christmas in 1-Altitude?). This is the first Christmas far from my family and relatives. The only good thing is we're going back to Philippines tonight, for a post-Christmas celebration.

And speaking of going back, if you planned to bring back gifts like gadgets to your loved ones, be sure to have it in your carry-on luggage. Just yesterday, my housemate was bringing back home an iPhone 4 as a gift for a friend. He placed the box of the phone in his checked-in bag. Good thinking he had the iPhone in his pocket. When he arrived at the airport and got his checked-in bag, he found out that it was forcibly opened in the zipper, and the box was also opened. Good thing nothing was stolen, I guess they're looking for the phone. I'm not sure if he reported this incident to the airport officials. But I'm thinking he would just going to waste his time asking the officials who did that.

So next time you want to bring some gadgets back home, be sure to have it in your carry-on bag and not in the checked-in bag. If you want to see your gifts after you arrived in your destination. Just a warning.

Again, be safe and Merry Christmas!

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