Friday, December 24, 2010

1 Something special before Christmas

I want to teach my future grandson how to ride a bicycle.

Did you ever thought about that? Did it ever occur to you that you want to teach your future grandchild about something?

I was making my way to the bus stop where I normally go every morning. I always pass through this park where people would exercise each morning and run laps. Each morning I see someone jogging, some of them practicing the art of Wushu or Tai Chi in the half of the basketball court and the other half used by the ball players.

This morning was a different case. I saw an elderly man and his grandson teaching the latter how to ride the small bicycle. It was so touching and fun to watch at the same time. To see the child ride his bike for the first time, and grandpa guiding him along the way made my day. After running to guide the child for 20-something steps, the grandpa stopped him for a breather. I guess his old age can't keep up with the child's energy. What a sight. You don't get to see something special like that in the morning, especially a day before Christmas.

It got me thinking. How about teaching your child how to walk? Or ride the bicycle? How much satisfaction would it give you to see your child making the first steps or saying the first words?
 How about your grandchild?

How happy are you going to get to see your grandchild walking, running, and riding a bicycle?
 That must a great achievement for a father and a grandfather.

After that morning, I promised myself to live a healthier life. I want to exercise regularly and eat healthy to be able to live longer to see my future grandchild. I want to experience the satisfaction of being able to teach something to my future grandchild. Just like the grandfather I saw this morning.

Happy Holidays! Have you seen something special before Christmas?

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nice!! :)

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