Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2 Preparations for the Moon

Tonight, I came prepared. I went home before 7:30pm. Yesterday, the moon rose around this time. So I thought I'd come home early, as usual, then prepare my camera and tripod for the shoot.

And then, I waited. 7:30pm. I'd figure it would show up a little later than yesterday. I tried shooting some pictures and testing which setting would be good for later.

8:00pm. Still no moon. I'm getting impatient. But because I read some articles of Ken Rockwell, where he reminded the readers to be patient for the right time to take the shot. I waited. I tried watching tv while waiting.

Then the moon peeked from the horizon.




My fangs and claws are getting bigger... awwooooooooo!


mhace said...

Now where is Edward? :P

ELmerger said...

Who's Edward? I don't know any Edward? :-P

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