Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4 Fish Fillet and Potato Salad for Dinner

Today, I went home earlier than the usual 6pm. I had asked for a half-day, because I need to process my OEC in the Philippine Embassy. Around 3:30pm, I was already at home. I only thought of the two dishes that I would cook for dinner after arriving at the house. So after resting, I went to buy some groceries.

I only bought some missing ingredients, like the fish fillets, eggs, mayo and almonds. We still have a stock of potatoes. I found these two recipes in the net, as usual, with the help of Google. I chose this and this for the recipe. If you want to make this too, just follow the instructions. :-P

I just followed what's written, and here are the results.

Kitchen as background

Fish Fillet ala Masterchef

Potato Salad




Slivered Almonds on Top

Looks yummy!


mhace said...

hmmmmmm...enticing! I would love to try the potato salad :)

ELmerger said...

come over! I made a whole big bowl of salad..still much is left. :)

Nava.K said...

will go for the silvered almonds, really yummy.

ELmerger said...

Hi Nava.K, thanks for dropping by! The almonds and fish are really yummy, you should try making this one :)

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