Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2 The potato cake I made was...

...a success!

Last two weeks(I think), I saw this dish on Ten Dollar Dinners program from the Food Network Asia channel. I thought it was very easy to do, but on that show it was cooked as a side dish to steak dinner. So I dropped the steak and planned on cooking the potato cake.

Fast forward. Today.

I tried cooking this potato cake. I got three medium-sized potatoes(first time making these, so I don't know the required quantity), peeled them, then grated them by hand. I don't have a food processor so it's manual labor. (This may have also contributed to the good taste ^_^) After grating, I put the pan on the fire and put some cooking oil. I waited for the pan to be heated a bit and then put some butter. When the butter was melted, I used my hand to put a handful of grated(or shredded) potatoes on the pad and spread them to a shape of a pancake. Then I put some salt and pepper on the top side of the pancake. Making it crispy on low heat, I made sure that the shape would be retained when I flipped it on the other side. In the cooking show, she used a nonstick pan on cooking the potato cake. She easily flipped the cake using a big plate on the top of the pan. Our pan is a special,anything-will-stick-even-with-cooking-oil frying pan. So I worked on unsticking the underside first before turning it over carefully.

After I turned over on the other side, I put some seasoning on the top of the potatoes again. Then I melted little slices of butter on the sides of the cake to prevent it from further sticking. After several minutes(I didn't time the cooking), if the underside is crispy then you can get it out of the pan. Repeat the process for the remaining grated potatoes.

My housemate told me that it looked like the potato cake from Marché, only they call it Rösti (I searched it on the web after dinner). He also said that it came with some mayo or some sauce. So I made a mix of mayo, cream and pepper powder.

Then it was dinner. I can't believe it when they told me that the potatoes were delicious. They even compared it to Marché's Rosti, only my dish was way better.(To my surprise, amusement and a bit of satisfaction). This was my first time making these potato cakes, and they fared better than I thought. And I don't even know that Marché serves the same dish because I haven't been there. What a night!

(P.S. Next time I make these, I'll make sure to take a picture first before serving.)


Herine said...

awww i love anything with potatoes!! i shall try too if i'm not too lazy! lol

ELmerger said...

Haha! You should try making it too!

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