Monday, April 4, 2011

2 Does anyone knows where Mr. Wright is?

First of all, let's change the title of the contest "Shoot It Wright" to "Shoot Mr. Wright". (inspired by Komentarista Ex's comment in Ian Wright's official Facebook page). But only after when we find where the heck Ian's been hiding all this time!

We are all waiting for the results of the contest, why it hasn't been announced yet? The website says it will announce the winners on March 29. In the year 2012? Come on guys! You can do better than that! What's the use of MS Excel and other applications that make our lives easier? Can't we use them to hasten the process and announce the results. Or is it you guys don't have the proper resources to award these prizes?

Was the contest cancelled? After we have all submitted our entries to them? Are you guys/gals with me?


Ferdinand A. said...

Yes I'm with you. By the way the name of the "Tell a Friend" winner is out. Not me. Not you :-)

The names of the other winners are still nowhere to be found in the site

ELmerger said...

Hi Ferdinand, they also announced the winners of Shoot it Wright!

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