Sunday, March 6, 2011

4 Weekend Adventure: KOI Cafe

I should have gone to KOI Cafe yesterday, but it was raining in the afternoon and I was so sleepy all day. That's why my weekend adventure has been moved today. I made my time to go to this well-known bubble tea cafe.

Arriving at Ang Mo Kio Central around 7PM, it didn't took me a hard time to find the KOI cafe. Thanks for Google Maps and the Street View, I found the cafe easily. I noticed that the queue is not that long, only around 6-8 persons waiting in the ordering queue. I waited for almost 10 minutes to order one Caramel Milk Tea and one Ice Cream Coffee, both at $2.90 each. Then I waited for 5 minutes to get my take-away order. Recalling my order, I noticed that both of them looks like milk tea. And when I took the receipt and looked on the order, it was Caramel Milk Tea and Ice Cream Milk Tea. The staff misheard me and punched Ice Cream Milk Tea in my order! How sad, I was expecting to try the Ice Cream Coffee. Tough luck. I didn't bother going back and asking for the correct order, I thought it would be a waste of time and I will try the coffee next time.

Arriving at home, I immediately took some photographs of the tea. I didn't have the SLR camera, just a point-and-shoot which is my sister's. Please forgive me for taking these bad pictures.

Trying Caramel Milk Tea first, I was expecting to taste a very good milk tea. But I was really disappointed with Caramel Milk Tea. The caramel taste didn't went well with the milk tea. Maybe it was not that much sweet, I asked for 25% sugar content. Then I tried Ice Cream Milk Tea. Now we're talking! It tastes way better than the caramel tea. I like milk tea, and when you add ice cream, it's heaven! I was thankful the crew misheard me. I know I will try this Ice Cream Milk Tea again. And next time, I will try other flavors too.

Caramel Milk Tea - not so good

Ice Cream Milk Tea - Better


Nava.K said...

Never knew Ice cream milk tea existed until seeing it in here.

ELmerger said...

Thanks for dropping by Nava. I had it by miscommunication, but still thankful. Good to hear that this post has been a help to you in a way. :-)

Herine said...

i didn't like the caramel milk tea too cos i dont like the sweetness and was too milky for me. tasted somehow a lil... hmmm "flat"?
anyway gd to see photos here!

ELmerger said...

I agree, I didn't liked their version of caramel milk tea, although I like anything with caramel in it.. especially Garrett popcorn.

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