Monday, March 7, 2011

6 Guess this heavenly dessert

I recently came across with this sweet and rather "unhealthy" combination of vanilla ice cream, caramelized bananas, butterscotch cream sauce, and crumble served in a sizzling pan. It was so good that I forgot my name every time I took a spoonful of this dessert.

Guess what's the name of this sweet sensation. Pick one and put it in the comments.

                                                          A. Sizzling Butterscotch Crumble
                                                          B. Banana Crumble
                                                          C. Royal Crumble
                                                          D. Makes You Crumble


Nava.K said...

hahahahh!!!!!!! I think its B.

ELmerger said...

Final answer? hehehehe.. thanks for your answer :-)

Herine said...

A. Sizzling Butterscotch Crumble

ELmerger said...

Is it your final answer? I like the sound of Royal Crumble.. hahaha

mhace said...

Can you bring me some when you come home on may? :)

ELmerger said...

Better yet, I'll bring you both here and we'll eat together. :-)

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