Tuesday, March 15, 2011

0 Invite Mr Wright website is inaccessible?

It has been several hours when one helpful Anonymous person commented on this post that Invite Mr Wright website was inaccessible. I tried several times when I read the comment but I also cannot access the website. There are several theories that I've formulated relating to the downtime of the website. I want to share it with you my friends in order to prove my theories or, if you disagree, debunk them.

Inaccessible for almost 10 hours and counting...

Some of my speculations:

A. The funding for Invite Mr Wright website has been used up, and the company behind it are unable to pay for the hosting.(???)
B. There are so many visitors -- gazillions of hits -- to that website that the server hosting it were unable to accommodate them all, and in turn, crashed big time.
C. Mr. Ian Wright hacked the website and turned it off. (Why would he do that? Just for fun? Or he doesn't want to meet ME, because I won the first prize. *lol*)
D. The judges were unable to find the deserving contestants to be winners, they just took down the website so nobody can ask who won(like nothing happened).
E. Or they're just putting up the winners in the said website(How hard can it be to add names to a website. :-P).

Whatever the reason, we are still waiting for the announcement of winners in the Invite Mr Wright contest. If you agree with any of my four theories I listed above, just hit the comments(also if you disagree). Or if you have something in your mind that can be added to my theories why the website is down, then tell me in the comments. I won't mind adding them.

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