Wednesday, March 16, 2011

1 Gong Cha Alisan Tea

I got a very nice treat after lunch today. One of my colleagues wanted to have some drink from Gong Cha, so we went there after having our lunch. This time I tried the Gong Cha Alisan Tea, which is a delicious choice, I must say. It's Alisan tea mixed with ice and frothy milk on top. I noticed there's also a dash of Alisan tea powder on top of the heavenly milk. Which, by the way, tasted great! I liked the taste and texture, add to that the perfect, chewy pearls.

Unfortunately, I was unable to take a picture of the drink because I consumed it all before I even thought of having a picture. One of my colleague also told me that he always order Gong Cha Alisan Tea everytime he buys on Gong Cha. So it's that good!

If you agree with me, then press Enter. If not, press and hold Alt then F4. ^_^

Kidding aside, let me know your thoughts about the Gong Cha Alisan tea in the comment board. Don't forget to put your name before pressing Post in the comment so I don't have to call you Anonymous1 or Anonymous2, mmkay?

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melody said...

i love it too! Good choice ^_^

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