Saturday, February 5, 2011

6 You should watch Junior Masterchef Australia

I've been watching cooking shows for several years already. They feature adult cooks, male and female, with their own personalities and cookbooks. But when I saw Junior MasterChef Australia, it blew me away. If you've been following the episodes, then I hope you were blown away, too.

Junior MasterChef Australia is a cooking contest which features kids 8-12 years old competing for the title. The show started with 50 participants, going through challenges like cooking with a core ingredient or with a mystery box of ingredients. They also did some invention cooking, trying to impress the judges with their skills. As of today, I've watched 4 episodes. They're down to top 12, and this Sunday the next episode will be a team challenge.

When I checked the web about this show, the show is already over and they had chosen the Junior MasterChef. What a drag! I was so excited to watch the next episode and then I saw the finale on the internet. I will just watch the remaining episodes, and pretend that I didn't knew who's gonna win.

So if you're haven't seen the show, try watching an episode. The kids will amaze you. You'll try to remember the time when you're 8 years old and think about the things you've been doing during that age.

Image taken from Junior MasterChef Australia website


mistarJ said...

Yup, i watched it on TV. Just amazing how young children can cook so well like a chef.


Elmer said...

Thanks for your comment mistarJ! They're all awesome and they cook so well like they're already in their 20's.

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