Friday, February 4, 2011

0 Happy Chinese New Year!

I don't want to make a post about the Chinese New Year because I don't celebrate it due to the fact that I'm not Chinese. But here I am contradicting what I'm saying to myself. And because CNY is celebrated here in Singapore, I'm thankful that I got a very long weekend. I got my much needed rest and sleep, and downtime for other activities.

The only thing that I didn't like about the celebration is the roving drummers who, at the strike of 7am(I think it's 7am when I woke up to their noises), started banging and making noises all around the neighborhood. And it went on like a cuckoo clock that comes back ever an hour or two to wake up everybody. It's like an alarm clock that wakes you up every two hours. Even when your windows are closed, you can still hear the drums loud and clear. Imagine how loud was that, and we're on 15th floor!

The other thing that surprised me about this celebration is the closure of almost all shops and malls around town during the two-day holiday. Because all of them who works on establishments and shops will come back home for the celebration, there will be no one to take up shop. If there's one thing that can stop the whole Singapore, it's Chinese New Year.

So to be one with the celebrations, Gong Hey Fat Choy! Wishing you all with a prosperous new year!

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