Sunday, February 20, 2011

0 I survived the Battlestar Galactica!

Before Battlestar Galactica:
"Can I do it? I think I can't do it. I think I'm going to die. I can't ride that. Nope, sir."

After Battlestar Galactica:

This was the reaction of my cousin who was doubtful and scared before the thrilling Battlestar Gallactica. After riding The Revenge of the Mummy, a totally dark indoor roller coaster where you have no idea where the coaster will go, we were talking about how we were about to throw up during that ride, since we just ate.
But all that fear and shaking boiled down as we get near and near through the queue. We sat on the second row, almost getting the firsthand(or first row) experience. We chose to ride the Cylon at first sight. He was on the leftmost seat and I was seating between him and two Chinese couple. During the ride, we were shouting and all, but what amazed me most is that the Chinese girl beside me never muttered a word. She never shouted or even speak at all. I think she got bored with the ride. I don't know. (Or maybe I can't just hear anybody else since I myself was shouting all the time.)

The only part of the ride that I don't like is the first 10 seconds, where you will be hurled going up on top speed and then drop you sloping down. This part will get your stomach stuck between your spine and lungs, and feels like you will throw up your insides. After that, smooth ride. All those twists and turns, 360 degree turn, ups and downs, while seated and almost hanging, is the greatest feeling. On the last 20 seconds or so, I was already laughing hard because of the things my cousin shouting. And also, I think, partly due to the endorphin that we get when riding those extreme roller coasters. I noticed that we were like "high" after our ride.

Here are some captures of the action in Battlestar Gallactica:

Subject yourself to 90km/h cobra twists

We chose Cylon, the blue lane.

Heads and coasters

Your ride will twist while you're hanging

This part is what I don't like the most

See how many twists and turns

My feet was dangling

Amazing feeling!

Near collision

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