Friday, January 21, 2011

0 Singapore Flyer: The biggest observation wheel in the world

If you're going for a holiday or vacation in Singapore, then you should not miss going to the Singapore Flyer. It's a very big observation wheel located in the Marina Bay area. Actually, the biggest observation deck in the world. In the whole world! So after going there you can brag it to your friends and tell them that you've been inside the biggest observation wheel in the world.

Going there is very easy. You can choose from MRT, bus or taxi. For MRT, take Circle Line and alight at Promenade Station. Once you get out of the the MRT station in Exit A, you'll see the Flyer. Walk to that direction, more or less five minutes of walking. If going there by taxi, then just tell the uncle or auntie (Yes, there are female taxi drivers. Even on the buses.) that you want to go to the Singapore Flyer. And by bus, take bus numbers 106, 111 and 133 to and alight at Temasek Avenue.

This capsule is for the Moƫt & Chandon Champagne Flight
The ticket for the 30-minute flight is $29.50 for adults, $20.65 for children and $23.60 is for the seniors. You'll enjoy the stunning view of the city area below, and the bay area. It's advisable to take the flight at night, to see the beautiful lights and display in the area.

In every capsule, around 12 or 14 persons are allowed to ride at a time. Going there on a small group or even just a pair, it's alright because the guides will assist you. The wheel doesn't stop turning when people are riding or alighting the capsule, but it's very slow so don't worry. People who will ride the observation wheel will get on one side and the other group who just made one complete revolution will alight at the other end. 

Here are some shots taken during our ride:
City area

east side
Marina Bay Sands

Marina bay and port area

City area part 2

Top photo: from the Singapore Flyer website.

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