Wednesday, June 8, 2011

0 SimpleTips: When inside an airport

For those of you who are fond of traveling, one way or another you have spent a time in an airport. Included also here are our friends who tried to find work outside the country and those who have succeeded and returning back for the holidays. The gate going outside the country is most likely an airport, and same applies when visiting another country.

You know the security inside an airport is tight. They check everything, scan your bags, and even X-ray. This is to prevent unwanted and dangerous objects and person from leaving or getting inside the country. You don't want to have a seatmate in the airplane with an explosive in his laptop bag, yes? There are many "rules" inside an airport, some of which are posted everywhere for everybody to see and some are not.

I've listed some of the known and lesser known "rules" when inside the airport. I'll start off with the known ones and proceed on the lesser ones as I go on the list.

1. No Smoking. (In most airports, there are designated places to smoke)
2. DO NOT speak or say "bomb" or "explosives" or "terrorist". (Especially when there are  news about terrorism)
3. You cannot bring any firearm or knife in your hand luggage. Included also are explosives and flammable materials and aerosol.
4. You cannot bring liquids in your hand luggage which exceeds 100mL.
5. Do not bring luggage from a person you don't personally know.
6. Do not leave your luggage unattended while inside the airport.
7. If someone requested you to bring a package or bag to your country of destination, DO NOT accept it. (You don't know what's inside it. Even if the person pays you, which is very likely.)
8. Keep your passport and ticket to yourself.
9. Be calm and polite. Answer questions clearly and smile. (You don't want to be suspected of something.)
10. Always bring a pen. (You'll need it. And bring extra pens.)

Here are some tips, and I will update this list once I get some more important information.

Do you have any tips to share? Hit the comments!

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