Thursday, May 26, 2011

0 A Warning: When booking budget flights

Do you use budget flights when flying out of the country? Are you waiting for seat sales and promotions? If the answer to both questions is a big yes, then you must have experienced what I experience every time I try to book flights: getting slapped in the face by additional charges on your final payment.

Even though I have been using budget flights every time I fly back home, it never ceases to surprise me when I'm about to pay. The initial price of the flight when finding a slot is $80. When paying, it's already $159. WHAT?! What the hell happened to the "seat sale"?

So be warned. If you're flying Jetstar, Tiger Airways or Cebu Pacific Air, be sure that you read every page of the way. There are additional charges hidden in every step. There are charges for the check-in luggage, seat reservation, travel insurance and what they call as "booking and processing fees". Not to mention the tax and government charges. Be sure to validate everything before pressing Confirm.

Do you have any bad experiences while booking a budget flight? Share us your story!

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