Friday, May 6, 2011

0 I shouldn't asked for the sambal

For dinner tonight, I tried the Hokkien Mee in Kopitiam at the Festival Mall. I made it a take-away so I can eat it at home. The lady asked me if I want some sambal chili so I signaled "just a bit" using my hand. Unfortunately, she didn't understood what I did and put a spoonful of chili on the noodles.

Upon arriving at home, I've put my hokkien mee on a plate with the sambal, thinking it would not be that spicy. So I mixed it all on the noodles, making it on a shade of red(due to the sambal). And when I tried my first bite, it was hell. The sambal was so hot I can't even taste the hokkien mee. What I can taste was just a bit sour and then spicy. It was so dang spicy I was crying while sweating.

After finishing the plate, my lips were swollen. I will never ask for sambal ever again. T_T

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