Wednesday, May 4, 2011

0 Butter-beered Prawns

Tonight, I made something extra special. I cooked prawns in butter-beer sauce. If you have tasted it, then you would forget your name and where you are for several seconds. It's that delicious! :-p

Earlier this afternoon, I was thinking of the menu for dinner. I'm choosing from something easy and fast to cook because I still need to drop by the grocery to get the ingredients. So I opted for prawns. I searched for easy prawn recipe and found this after browsing several websites. The only thing that I didn't follow on that recipe is the quantity of the prawns, which later I found out to be a mistake. I should have bought the 2 pounds of prawns.

Another thing, I don't have the photo so you may think that I'm just making up some stories. So this recipe will be a repeater, maybe later this week or so and not forget to take photos.

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