Friday, April 1, 2011

4 Humongous Mango!

I was making my way to Fair Price, planning to buy some rice and a bit of small prawns to add to the pinakbet, when I came across to this display of mangoes. These fruit really caught my attention. Take a look at this picture of the mango which I bought.

Normal-looking mango.
Looks normal, right? But see these next pictures when compared to normal objects like my cheap phone.

Normal-looking phone. Abnormal mango.

Even my hand can't hold the whole fruit.
It's huge! The only reason why I bought this fruit is because of its sheer size. ^_^


mhace said...

what about the taste? :P

ELmerger said...

Not sour.. the taste is not that extraordinary, just the size. :P

Sis weighed it. It's 1kg.

mhace said...

What a Poser Mango! hahaha

ELmerger said...

yep! a huge poser :P

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