Friday, March 4, 2011

2 What's up with KOI cafe?

KOI Cafe Bubble Tea -- first heard it when I was already about 3 months staying here in Singapore. My colleague told me that this one is better than what I normally drink, like Each a Cup and Sweet Talk. He also told me that you would need at least 30 minutes to buy one. It was unbelievable when I saw a branch in Tampines, the queue was looooong(whew!). I didn't even consider buying because I would be late for work after lunch.

So what's up with the bubble tea of KOI Cafe? Do they have some special, unknown ingredients like marinated lotus flower or steam-fried gelatin? Some say it's a cut above the rest, while some say it's just a hype. There are many blogs discussing this special bubble tea, but for me, it won't suffice to say that it is really the best. I need to personally try this one myself. I've been a fan of milk tea and bubble tea, so this one will be my weekend adventure for tomorrow. I need to prepare myself for the looong standing queue and I still don't know the price so that also I need to prepare. I hope it will not cost $5 for one cup, because I'm going to try them all(hahaha...if budget permits).

I will be posting here on Sunday the spoils of war, err.. the details of my weekend adventure. There is a branch in Ang Mo Kio, the nearest from my place so that's where I'm going tomorrow. I hope the queue is long, not looooong. If you have read this and have nothing to do tomorrow, let's buy some bubble tea in KOI Cafe.

I'll save a spot for you in the queue. :-D


Herine said...

i like it cos i can choose the sugar level. I usually kept it at 25 % or 50% max.
Range from $1.90 to $3+ for a cup.
You can try this Ice cream coffee with caramel something 25% sweet. It's awesome!
That's if u like coffee.

ELmerger said...

Maybe I'll go for the milk tea and also I will try your suggestion later. Thanks! :-D

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