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5 Universal Studios Singapore: the Weekend Adventure part 2

The following events happened earlier on our trip to Universal Studios Singapore(I will put it as USS, so I don't have to type the full name again and again. :-P) last February 19, 2011. If you have a weak heart, or a premeditated disliking to great rides or huge castles or crowds, please look away now.

Sentosa Station, $3 ride
The group of three -- consisting of myself, my sister and my cousin -- started the adventure excited and already pumped up for the whole day. Going there, we boarded the Sentosa Express at around 10:30 AM while the huge crowd was already gathering in the Sentosa Station. We alighted at Waterfront Station and eagerly made our way to the entrance. There were already a big crowd gathering at the entrance and inside the premises.

Our very first activity inside was to take pictures with the mascots and costumed personae in the make-belief Hollywood strip. I was also busy taking photographs of the location. After several minutes inside the theme park, I asked them if we can eat brunch(Hehehe.. I was already starving). After eating hotdog sandwiches, we were toured around by my sister, who was a 4th?-timer in USS. We went around and posed for great pictures behind or beside structures and attractions.

Madagascar -beached ship
Looking on the map, the whole facility is divided into several parts. The entrance is Hollywood, full of shops and food establishments. The next one is Madagascar, then Far Far Away, The Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City, and New York. The whole park is holy-guacamole huge! It also features a body of water in the middle of the park where you can also do a boat ride.

Far away indeed.
My very first ride in Universal Studios is one that I will never forget. Located in The Lost World, the ride is named Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. This is a raft ride where you can and -- please take note -- will get wet, if you are sitting in the "lucky" seat. At first glance, I already told them that I will not be riding this one due to the fact that I'm wearing rubber shoes and this ride is potentially a wet one. So I told them that I will just be waiting outside. But they convinced me to go because there are "raincoats" sold in the middle of the waiting line. And this raincoat will supposedly protect you from getting wet.

I hope this Rapids ride gets lost... forever.
And so we waited in the long queue, getting ready for the ride. When it was our turn, we boarded the 9-seater round raft. We checked for the people who are wet or not and checked where to sit to minimize getting drenched. I already decided where to sit, unfortunately this lady who was part of a three sat beside my sister, where I was planning to sit. So I was left with no choice but to sit on the seat where the previous rider was very wet. After buckling ourselves, we started drifting to the rapids. There were bumps and waves along the way, but not much to get us wet. You can see in the banks the robotics-animated dinosaurs moving and threatening us. Then we went inside a very dark "cave", only the warning lights can be seen. Moments later, the raft we're on was pushed up to a higher level. At this point I was thinking that this is the part where I would get wet. Then a door behind me opened and what they saw was scary. It was a steep slope, almost like a waterfall. We went into this frightening drop, a wave of water came crashing inside the raft and I was soaked. My head was drenched and my shoes was underwater. The ride was over. I am soaked, luckily, but in the end I enjoyed it.

After alighting the raft, we went to a souvenir store and I bought a pair of slippers.

To be continued...

(Part three will be coming up. Stay tuned.)

And some more photos:

Larger than life


New York?

Huh - lee - wuhhhdd


mhace said...

more pics please......... :))

ELmerger said...

watch out for Part 3 :-P

mhace said...

cant wait :P

Kristin said...

I love USS! Bet you have enjoyed your time there too ^^

ELmerger said...

You have no idea how we enjoyed USS! :-D
Thanks for dropping by!

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