Thursday, March 10, 2011

0 Gong Cha Milk Tea

taken from Gong Cha website
Surprise, surprise! I didn't know there was a Gong Cha branch in Tampines Central. We just went there today, after lunch, and lucky me I bought Milk Tea with pearls. At first sip, I know the milk tea was good. It's better than Each a Cup, but I'm not sure if it's better than KOI's. What I can say is that the pearls are better in Gong Cha than in KOI Cafe.

Last Sunday, I tried two from KOI Cafe, one Ice Cream Milk Tea and one Caramel Milk Tea, both with pearls. What I didn't notice at first was how the pearls were a little bit undercooked. I only remembered it when I tried Milk Tea from Gong Cha, in which the pearls were perfect. It was soft, chewy and smooth. KOI Cafe's pearls were a bit sloppy on the outside and hard on the core. This time, I still can't say which milk tea is better, since what I tried in KOI cafe had two additional mixtures in the milk tea.

What I will do, maybe this weekend or next week, is to buy one Milk Tea with Pearls from both KOI Cafe and Gong Cha, and compare them. I may be able to judge which milk tea is better, based solely on my own opinion.

By the way, another plus point for Gong Cha because the queue is not long. It took me only around 7-8  minutes to get my milk tea. And it was lunchtime, nonetheless.

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