Monday, February 7, 2011

0 Out-of-Focus

These past few weeks had been a disaster. I was not able to deliver my articles. My client is emailing me and I still don't have the complete set. It makes me feel anxious and weird because the more I want to write and finish the project, the more the ideas and sentences tend to jump farther away from me. I can't believe this will take me a lot of time to finish just because I can't concentrate or focus on this project due to my day job. I thought I can finish this by writing in the evening or early morning, but I wasn't able to do that kind of things. I'm afraid I will not get another chance from the client. And I'm afraid I will not be a regular in my day job. In my quest to hit two birds in one shot, I missed both of them. This is very depressing. And stressful.

I'm way out of focus.

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