Friday, February 25, 2011

0 My Account was Hacked!

As you may have noticed, (almost the same on what I mentioned yesterday) my blog has been posting unusual short articles that are not related to our area of focus. I suspect somebody has hacked my blogger account, posted these crap without me knowing. Last few days, I was away, searching myself again, and this no-good hacker got wind of it and took the opportunity to vandalize my site. But it's good he never thought of deleting posts or disabling the whole account itself.

Jusssst kidding... ^_^

The truth is.... I found myself into a lot of problems lately. These personal problems should have been personal, but I let it boil over and eventually my anger found its way to this blog -- hence the cussing posts. I know I shouldn't let it get worse up this point, but what done is done and I learned from my mistakes.

Let it be known that I will not, ever again, make this mistake(or die trying not to). I'm still collecting myself piece by piece and doing what is needed to improve this blog and the articles I post. I hope you visit this more often from now on as I will be posting more informative and helpful articles around Singapore.

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