Monday, February 28, 2011

4 Everything must go. Except...


After almost three months of blogging, and reading other great blogs, I finally realized the mistakes I've made (and those I'm still making). Due to my desire to become a good -- or even great -- blogger and writer, I want to make improvements for myself. And as a first step to greater improvement, I have to identify and learn from my mistakes. Putting it in a list is one way to truly identify and manage my erroneous ways.

I will start with...
1. Advertisements - Although my main goal here is ultimately make some money from this blog, my foundation is shaky. My start was great, I've been posting helpful articles but my focus isn't to give great content to readers. I was skipping this important part for a successful blog. I was obsessed with ads, where to display them and who's going to click it. I have been focusing on blogging, but focusing on the wrong side.
2. Widgets - I put several widgets here and there, hoping it would help attract readers. Some are helpful, especially the sharing widgets, but some are just unnecessary. It also consumes white space, and distracts readers, thus overloading the eyes and making it not focus on important parts.
3. Design - I know, I know. It's childish. It's messy. The layout is confusing. The design looks like kindergarten room, the missing only are the doodles and drawings. I liked the template very much when I first saw it, but not so much anymore when it didn't help me get more visitors, returning and unique.
4. Content - I wasn't able to deliver great and useful contents to my readers. Although there are some, but that's not enough to drive traffic to my blog. Nobody's digging my posts, some are just viewing when they stumbled upon it, only to never return.
5. Others - I was so obsessed with stats, checking it every now and then, looking who visited or the visitor came from.

From these things, I will work my way to improve my blog. Watch out for these improvements on the coming days.


Herine said...

All the best!
btw, your site has BEEN in my favorite list! ;-)

ELmerger said...

Thanks Herine! It's great to hear that! :-D
I'll be "renovating" my blog again to accommodate more useful contents and articles and less mess.

Herine said...

Maybe you can make the fonts slightly bigger? hehe i have bad eyesight

ELmerger said...

Thanks a bunch for your suggestion. I'll definitely include that one in the changes.

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