Thursday, January 27, 2011

0 Stupid Where Clause

Working hard on a brand new task, my only guide was a piece of half-baked document. It outlines the steps but not specific enough to make you guessing everytime you read each step. This task was handed over to me because the assigned person was going for an early Chinese New Year holiday. I have nothing against it, on the contrary, I love my job very much. I've been working on this project for several months now, and pretty much adjusted to the working environment. Accepting tasks is part of my job, and this will also expose me to greater work experience.

And actually, a simple one-on-one discussion was done last week. It's a sort of transition for me to see how it's done correctly. I was listening intently to grasp every step, but Mr. Sleepiness came knocking on my door. So while he was busy explaining the tasks, I was busy pretending to be awake. In short, the good old me was half asleep through the whole ordeal. I learned some of the ideas, but not that comprehensive.

Now, the time has come for me to do my assignment. I did and followed what was written on the documentation. It took me three hours to finish the task: 2.5 hours reading and rereading the document and a half an hour of actual work. When I reached the part where I need to check the results and compare it to the data loaded to the environment, my nose bled. I can't tally the data from the results. When I asked my colleague to check, he found out that I used the wrong filter for the query. Good thing I created a back up for the affected table and the previous data was restored. Because I used the incorrect where clause, I've used up precious hours for nothing. Goodluck to me on redoing the task...tomorrow. Thanks, stupid where clause.

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