Sunday, January 16, 2011

2 Always Mi Goreng

I'm a big fan of instant pancit canton during my college years. I used to prepare 3 packets of Lucky Me! Pancit Canton noodles and eat it in one sitting. Sometimes I eat pancit canton as a topping on a plate of rice but most of the time just pancit canton. I also eat the normal pancit canton, but that was only when I'm in my hometown where good pancit canton is served.

Always Mi Goreng
And when I went here to work, I found the instant Pancit Canton version of Singapore. Here is Mi Goreng. With "Always" on top. You cook it the same way. Just put the noodles in boiling water for several minutes. Remove the noodles from the water, strain it and put it in a plate then mix the other ingredients as well. Enjoy!

Just don't overeat instant noodles. Always remember to eat in moderation. Also do not eat this kind of food everyday. These instant noodles are not healthy. I just want to share with you. Hehehe..

Have you tried this one lately? How was it?

Eggs not included in the package. Just noodles.

(I know, I know.. I missed my post for day 15 because of something very important. But better late than never.)


Reymos said...

I think most of us who were uni students before in the Philippines (particularly in Mania) loved to eat this quicky noodle. I still eat it here in Northern Ireland especially with the chili flavour from a Filipino store.

Elmer said...

Yes, I especially loved the chilimansi flavour.

Thanks for the comment!

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