Tuesday, January 11, 2011

3 One month ago..

...I was thinking of creating a new blog of my own. I signed up for a Google account, opened up an account on Blogger and created my new blog. Actually, I have already 3 blogs hosted by Blogger, but I haven't been able to continue blogging due to many constraints like time, inspiration and motivation. 

But this moment was a different case. I have my inspiration, renewed motivation and time. 

Inspiration - I have a topic to talk about. I'm in Singapore. I have a truckload of topics to choose from related to Singapore like food, places to go and different people.

Motivation - I am a new father-to-be and a husband. I want to give my new family all the things they need, so I grabbed this opportunity to earn extra money, which in turn lead to another opportunity: freelance writing. I'm pretty sure this would lead to another great opportunity.

Time - Through reading other blogs, I learned that time is just a perception. If you perceive that there's not much time for everything, then you won't have enough time. You have to make your time to do the things you want. And this is what I'm doing right now. I'm creating my own time to blog.

And today, I'm still blogging. I have no plans to stop blogging any time soon. I'm still on the Post-a-day challenge, encouraging myself to post everyday with quality posts. I have my topics to submit to my contact on the freelance job.

I still have my inspirations to write about something, my time to write more and my motivation to write even better.


Anonymous said...

hi sir elmer!

i am a female, with business visa to qatar, but actually be going there to work. i have heard many offloaded BV holder with direct flight form Philippines to Qatar.

i'm planning to go to Singapore first and visit my kumare for a day in malaysia (30 mins. drive away from SG airport)then i'll go to qatar the following day from SG airport.

do you have an idea or information on the possibilities and/or challenges i'll be facing in my itinerary?

i bought two-way MLA-SG ticket and SG-Doha ticket plus a dummy Doha-SG.

your idea and tips will help me a lot.


Anonymous said...

Hi I just want to ask I was just a FDW of Singapore and just come home in Philippines after month ago as employer treating me bad so I just decided to go home..Now I am planning to go back and pretend as a tourist for me to find new employer again..do u mind to give me some advice what best thing for me to do? thanks

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir Elmer. After I've finish my contract here nextyear. I am planning to enter Singapore as a tourist and at the same time to look for a job.
My questions is: is it possible that I might be denied? Since, I am an ex-ofw when I'll enter Singapore. I will go alone and I am female.
I am afraid that I will be denied to enter Singapore as a tourist.
Kindly, give me tips or advices what I am going to do.? Thank you very much.

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