Saturday, December 18, 2010

0 Singlish: What is?

Ever heard of singlish? When in Singapore, you've probably heard about it but never paid attention to it. Because back home, we have our own english-carabao. Singlish is basically their version and same like our english-carabao.

Wikipedia describes singlish as an "English-based creole language spoken in Singapore".


Sorry. I wiped my nosed. Nosebleed.

Enough of Wikipedia.

In simple terms, it is a combination of English, Malay, Hokien, Teochew, Cantonese, Tamil, Bengali and Punjabi vocabulary with which the syntax resembles varieties from southern China.

Samples are:

"Dis country weather very hot one". It means "In this country, the weather is very warm".
"Dis book you want or not?". It means "Do you want this book or not?".
"Yesterday, they go der oreddy". This means "They already went there yesterday".

If you happen to be in Singapore, you will definitely come across with people, especially younger ones, talking this way.

And I can say that you may not need too much effort to adjust when speaking English here. Hehehe..I hope you learned something today.

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source: Wikipedia

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